• What is CupidRadar?
    Whether you're new to town or out on the town, CupidRadar is the exciting,
    innovative new way to meet other singles based on your current, real-time location!

    No matter where you are right now, chances are there are other interesting, attractive,
    adventurous singles near you. CupidRadar uses your smart phone or other Internet-enabled device to find out who is single around you right now- we mean that literally!  If you see a match you're interested in, message them through our system quickly and easily without ever sharing your private contact information. If you're both interested, get together and see what destiny has in store for you!

    Before timing can matter, location is everything.
  • What's the extended history on CupidRadar?

    OK, you asked!  Modern technology meets old-fashioned chemistry and romance to bring the on-line dating experience into the 21st Century!  We know you're on the go, out and about moving at the speed of light, or possibly a newcomer to town.  You love the thrill of meeting new people and are looking for someone special but in the real, three dimensional world, like in the old days when parents walked uphill both ways through snow...

    The problem with the "old" way was let's say someone caught your eye at a grocery store, coffee shop, airport, night club, or your favorite hang out.  Other than sweating, pacing, talking to oneself, and generally coming across as a crazed person to passer-bys, what do most people do?  Often, they're too shy or embarrassed to approach their would-be honey..."How do I know she's single and available?  What if he's not interested in me?  What if I make a fool of myself?"  We don't even have to go back in time for this, because this very thing happens today!

    CupidRadar is designed for this world and this time.  Intuitive and fast, it works on Blackberry, iPhone, Android, and other smart phones.  Within a few seconds after logging in, you can find and message other cool on-the-move singles who are in your vicinity right now!!

    Exchange a few messages, set up a get together somewhere fun, safe, and nearby, and in less time than it would take you to read the instructions to your 1990's style on-line dating site, you've gone from wondering if there are any cool, good-looking singles around you right now to meeting one of those lucky guys or gals.

    So what's your digital alternative?  Well, you can do it the same 'ol way...stay at home, fill out pages of profile questions, essays, and evaluation tests, pay a heavy up-front monthly fee before you've gotten anything for it, and then log in and spend the next few weeks emailing the most popular people...(who, btw are receiving so many messages a day, they don't even have time to open, let alone read your funny, witty, rock-star message).  But you persevere, and 3 weeks and 120 sent emails later, (by the time you would have been on your 8th date or get together on CupidRadar), you finally receive a couple of replies!!  You begin emailing with the 2 who replied, which leads to a week of IM chatting leading to another 2 weeks of talking on the phone, and finally (drum roll), after 4 weeks of scheduling conflicts and impossibly opposing life paths, you somehow manage to arrange a face to face meeting with 1 of them only to realize within the 1st 10 minutes that IT'S NOT A GOOD MATCH...AWWWWWWW!!

    Soo close...you could have used CupidRadar...!

    How about professionals or frequent travelers?  You arrive in the 4th new city this month early in the evening having finished your work during the flight over...you're hungry, and having been consumed by your laptop the whole flight out, (you can't get away from the office even on airplanes anymore now that most are WIFI enabled!), you're craving human interaction and contact or just don't want to eat dinner alone....again.  You hop on CupidRadar and within a few minutes, you've found and messaged someone who's nearby and in the same boat as you, and now you have yourself a dinner date!  The possibilities are tantalizing!!

    At the end of the day, we believe you can determine within minutes of meeting someone whether you have chemistry or potential compatibility, not some lengthy profile, algorithmic questionnaire, or electroencephalograph machine.  We want to take your dating life away from computers and the "experts" and put it back where it belongs- with you in the real world.

    We hope you enjoy using CupidRadar as much as we enjoyed conceiving of and developing it!

  • How do I get started?

    Sign up for FREE through our home page by filling out your profile and uploading a picture.  Then authenticate your email address and wait for us to approve your profile.


    Sign up using your Facebook account even quicker and easier at our sign up page.

    After we quickly but personally review your profile to filter our fake or innappropriate profiles, we notify you.  You can then log in and start searching to see who's near you right now!

    If you have an Android or Blackberry, download our apps at Google Play or Blackberry App World (TM) by searching for "CupidRadar."

  • How does CupidRadar work?

    So if you're enjoying a cup of Joe reading your favorite book and suddenly, you wonder if there's a cutie nearby who's interested in splitting a chocolate chip cookie with you or discussing the finer points of evolutionary biology.  (Perhaps even the one who walked by a minute ago and got your heart racing!) Well, perfect- that's where CupidRadar comes in!

    Set up your profile, log in, and search!  We'll show who's around you right now that matches your search criteria.

    If you see someone you like, message them- they're immediately notified and if they reply (which they do for FREE), you can exchange messages quickly and easily through CupidRadar's messaging system, set up a face to face if you wish, and within minutes be enjoying each other's company without ever having to give out a phone number or email address!

    And if you're not interested in someone in your search results, click Not Interested and you and that user will never appear on each others' radars again!  Sad...we know, but we value people's privacy and your right to choose your own destiny!

    If you want to vanish from CupidRadar for a while (you meet someone, leave the country, or take a very very long nap), no problem- click "Go Invisible" on the home page and you won't show up on anyone's search results until you decide to "Go Visible" again!

    Finally, you can message someone you've previously had two way communication with on CupidRadar, (assuming neither of you clicked Not Interested on the other party) even if they don't appear on your radar at this moment.  Simply open any message from them in your inbox and click reply.

    If you have met someone or need to close your account for any reason, please send us a nice message with the reason for your deactivation by clicking Contact Us on any page and selecting Customer Support in the drop down menu. Please do NOT send more than one request; you will receive your deactivation notification within 24 hours of your request to the email you used to register on CupidRadar.

  • How do I access CupidRadar? Is there an app?

    On any Internet-enabled device, visit http://www.cupidradar.com and click "Create New Account" in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Set up is 2 VERY quick short steps.  Photos are required and MUST be real (celebrities, cute kids, pets, cars, views, cartoons, etc will be rejected).  All profiles are reviewed and approved by CupidRadar personnel (no auto-approvals by computers or robots!)

    If Apps are your flavor, click here:

    iPhone users just visit www.cupidradar.com on your iPhone browser and we promise our mobile site experience is fantastic! We'll have an app for you in the coming months!

  • Why aren't there more search criteria or profile details?
    We keep profiles simple, because we don't believe all the sophisticated mathematical models (and don't get us wrong- we LOVE math) can assure chemistry, attraction, or compatibility.  If it were that easy, we'd strap in, put on the head gear, take some tests, and be paired up with our ideal match in minutes.

    We think you are best qualified to determine who's right for you, and to that end, our goal isn't coming up with longer, fancier "compatibility" tests, algorithms, or 97 different drop down menus.  We want to save most of the conversation for when you actually meet your match in person, so our research and development have gone toward technologies that reduce the time between setting up a profile and meeting your match face to face.  As with all of life, the rest is up to you!
  • Why can't I save people as "favorites?"

    Because in life, there is no undo, recall, or favorite button! And we think CupidRadar should mimic life!

    Life's an adventure and if you don't seize an opportunity in the real world, sometimes it's gone forever...like that handsome guy or cute girl you're still kicking yourself for not approaching at the grocery store, coffee shop, night club, gas station, or....if only you could have "favorited" him or her!

    Since CupidRadar shows a slice of life moment and matches you with people who are near you right now, if you see someone you like, take 20 seconds and message them now...otherwise they may cross out of your window and be forever gone!

  • What is the CupidRadar Location App?

    For now, only available for Blackberry devices, it's a small, easy to use app that runs in the background.  It significantly improves our ability to locate you (even indoors where GPS often doesn't work).  It lets us find you matches based on your current, actual distance- which is the whole point of CupidRadar!!

    Some Blackberry devices don't have GPS, so installing the Location App on those devices is absolutely necessary to find you matches based on your actual distance.  Additionally, users who wish to subscribe to the CupidConcierge (SM) notification service must have the Location App installed for this service to work.

    The App is free to download and use.  After installation, launch the CR icon on your Blackberry desktop and select your location update frequency of 1, 5, 30, or 60 minutes.  Then exit out of the App, and it will run in the background at the frequency you chose.  If you don't want the App to continue locating you, select "Do Not Track" and it will stop uploading your location until you switch it back.  You can change the update frequency setting whenever you'd like

    It's so low maintenance that even if you reboot your phone or remove the battery, the App reloads itself as soon as your phone powers up again.  We made it super easy so you could focus on your matches while we take care of the background work for you!

    Depending on the update frequency you choose, your current battery condition, and your specific device, you might experience faster than usual battery drain with this app running 24/7.  If you do, try selecting "60 minutes or Do Not Track" when you're asleep and switch it back to your desired frequency when you get up.  Or in the name of love, just let it run 24/7, because you never know when or where your potential soulmate will cross into your radar!

  • What is CupidConcierge (SM) service?

    If you don't want to log in every 5 minutes to see who's around you now (though we wouldn't blame you if you did!!), use our handy and convenient CupidConcerige feature for free!

    Set your radius (distance of interest) and email frequency (how often you wish to be notified every day) and let us do the searching and matching for you while you go about enjoying your busy life.

    When users matching your search criteria enter your radar radius, we'll email you instantly as often as you gave us permission to!  Then, you're a few clicks away from viewing your would-be honey's profile and messaging him or her!

    You can click the "Change CupidConcierge (SM) options" link any time from our Home page when you are logged in to change these settings.

  • Does CupidRadar work everywhere?
    Everywhere?  No.  Pretty sure we'll draw a blank on Olympus Mons.  Then again, if you're on Mars, perhaps you have other priorities than dating!

    But on planet earth, if you have cell service or can see the sky with your smart phone or Internet-device in hand, then yes.

    Our users are signing up every day from ALL over the world, in every corner, big and large cities, and it works!
  • How much does it cost?
    • Downloading our apps is FREE*
    • Signing up, searching, and reading messages are FREE*
    • Replying to any and all messages is always FREE*
    • Sending WINKS is FREE*
    • We give you a lot of FREE message credits to start out so you message people for quite some time without paying a penny
    • After you've used your FREE credits, you can buy more- 1 message credit = $2.  If you guy 50 message credits, it's a lot cheaper- $15.  Remember, it costs NO message credits to REPLY to as many messages as you want.  1 message credit lets you have UNLIMITED messages back and forth with another member. 2 message credits- UNLIMITED messages back and forth with 2 different members, and so on...
    • There are NO MONTHLY FEES, maintenance charges or any other fees or charges to being a member on CupidRadar
    *Mobile phone data charges, roaming fees, or other carrier charges unrelated to CupidRadar may apply.

    A few comments on messages
    We start you out with several free messaging credits, which we display in the upper right corner of your screen when you're logged in.  Each message credit lets you have UNLIMITED messages back and forth with that one user.  More message credits, more unlimited messaging you have.

    After messaging, you can set up a face to face get together through CupidRadar's messaging system without ever giving out your phone # or email address if you don't wish.  You have more privacy with CupidRadar than you even do if you meet someone at a bar or club or out and about, where at some point, you do have to give out some type of contact information if you want to keep in touch...

    Something else to consider.  On CupidRadar, when you receive a message from someone, you'll know they actually paid to contact YOU, not you AND 58 other users (so they can get their money's worth after paying, $30 or $40/month for "unlimited" messaging as is the case on other traditional on-line dating sites.)

    The site isn't 100% free because nothing in life worth having is free. In exchange, we don't slam you with banner ads and filter and require 100% of our members to have real, visible pictures.

    Also, by not having our site be 100% free, we reduce a lot of unwanted users, scammers, and that overseas prince or princess who wants you to wire them money in exchange for the keys to their kingdom.

    And finally, as long as you're an active member in good standing on CupidRadar, your message credits will not expire and are yours to use at your leisure.

  • Do I need a smart phone to use CupidRadar?
    Not at all!  With many browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari, we've even programmed location support services, which if you allow, will find your approximate location and return matches based on their distance from you!  If you don't allow the browser to find your location, we return matches based on the ZIP code you enter.

    Some features of this site might be easier to use on a full desktop browser.  Making payments (through Paypal) for example, is currently much easier to do through your computer than our phone.  We are rushing to finish the smart phone Paypal service though and will notify our users when it's complete.

    iPhones and some older Blackberry browsers don't support picture uploading directly from the phone.  Users of these devices can upload photos through a desktop computer or email a photo to photo@cupidradar.com from the email you used to sign up on CupidRadar.
  • How do I manage my account?
    If you wish to close your account please click Contact Us and send us a message stating the reason and any issues or suggestions you may have.

    Make sure to include the email address that you used when signing up with our site and also your alias. Please don't send multiple requests and do allow up to 24 hours for the deactivation and closure of your account.

    We will send you a confirmation email once it is complete.